Flint Street Traffic Problems

May 19 Update:
At the May 12th Mack Park Neighborhood Association meeting, Flint Street was noted by residents as being unsafe, especially during rush hour. A new one-way trial was suggested by residents. The city would like to complete a traffic study prior to undertaking any additional trials.

Feb 19:
Flint Street was described by residents as being too narrow for two way traffic, and the idea of making it a one-way street, traveling from Mason toward Bridge Street was discussed. As part of that discussion, routing the displaced traffic flow through Goodhue Street was also mentioned.

A previous test to make Flint Street into a one-way thoroughfare, traveling from Bridge Street toward Mason was also discussed. The test lasted for three days, and created problems for residents.

The current Mason Street parking provided for Flint Street residents was  described  problematic, due to distance and heavy Mason Street traffic.

Currently, a No Heavy Truck sign exists partway up Flint Street, which was described by residents as ineffective, as trucks already traveling on Flint Street are not able to turn around.  It was suggested that the sign should be posted at, or closer to the beginning of Flint Street. The sign was placed in its current location to accommodate a business on Flint near Bridge.


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