Sunshine Ordinance Changes

September 11 Update
The Sunshine Ordinance sub-committee and focus group public meeting will be held on October 1st 2009 6:00PM in the city council chambers.

July 14 Update:

At a recent meeting of the subcommittee, residents expressed their concerns about proposed changes to Salem’s Sunshine Laws, which would decrease local government transparency for residents.

As a result, several residents will become part of the subcommittee, to provide the public’s perspective on the law going forward. The committee was originally comprised entirely of city employees and meetings were held weekdays at 2pm. Going forward, meetings will be held during evening hours.

June 22
Recently, the Subcommittee for the Salem Code of Ordinances Article XIV (Salem’s Sunshine Ordinance) has proposed changes to Salem’s Sunshine laws, for the purpose of saving time. While saving time and city is a resources is a good idea, the proposed changes will also affect the process by which city government keeps the public abreast and involved, potentially reducing visibility into decision-making.

A meeting will be held on July 9, 2009 at 6PM in the City Council Chamber, 2nd Floor, Salem City Hall, 93 Washington Street, to review and discuss the proposed changes. This is a very important meeting, as changes to the existing sunshine ordinance may adversely affect the public’s access to local government activity and reduce participation in the decision making process.

Please attend if you can, and let your voice be heard. Let’s help keep Salem city government accountable to its residents.


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