Shell Gas Station 111 North Street

September 15 Update
The owner of the Shell Gas Station has sued the city council, stating it “revoked the license without proper cause”.

Click here to read the full article in the Salem News.

September 10 Update
The neighbors have hired their own landscaper, and their plan was submitted to the owner’s attorney.

July 18 Update:

At the July 16 meeting, the Salem city council revoked the flammables storage license for the 111 North Street gas station, until a landscaping plan is approved by the neighbors and implemented.

Click here to read coverage of the revocation in the Salem News.

July 15 Update:

This is a continuance of the open public meeting to discuss the revocation of the 111 North Street gas station flammables license.

The current status – the owner had 30 days in which to show significant movement toward meeting the residential neighbors’ privacy needs by producing a landscaper’s plan. Without significant action, the station’s flammables license will be evoked.

A less-greenery-than-expected landscaper’s plan has been produced, which will likely be discussed as part of this meeting.

The meeting will be held in the city council chambers at 7pm on Thursday, July 15th. Please attend if you can, to lend your voice and support for preserving the character and privacy of our residential neighborhoods.

June 12, 2009
Dear Neighbor

As you’re probably aware, trees forming a natural sound barrier and buffer zone between North Street and the residential neighborhoods beyond were removed during renovation of the gas station at 111 North Street. Despite numerous city requests, the owner has yet to replace the sound barrier, which was made a requirement of operating on the property during the 1970s.

On Thursday June 11th at 7:00 pm in the city council chamber, there will be a public hearing to discuss the revocation of the inflammables license to store 22,400 gallons of inflammables at 111 North St..

Increases in noise from the new station will impact the surrounding neighborhood, making it a noisier, less desirable place to live, and reducing property values in the immediate vicinity.

This is an important issue for the Mack Park Neighborhood Association – and much like the rally of support received for razing the burned out house at 103 Mason Street, we seek your support for our efforts to maintain the peace and quiet of the surrounding North Street neighborhoods, by attending this important meeting.

Thursday, June 11, 7 pm

Council Chambers
City Hall
93 Washington Street
Salem, Ma


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