Street Signs and Signals – Oakland, Grove and Mason Streets

September 15 Update
Crosswalks have been added to the Moose intersection.

September 10 Update
Moose crosswalks are to be added in the next couple of weeks, when the stops signs are made permanent.

August 9 Update
Stop signs at the the intersection at the Moose have been increased by two, creating a four-way stop.

Feedback from neighbors has been positive in regards to the 4 way stop added at the intersection of Balcomb and Oakland.

July 6 Update
Painting of crosswalks near the Moose Family Lodge will take place within the next few weeks.

As well, signs placed on Oakland are to become permanent, based on resident feedback.

May 19 Update:
Crosswalks have been approved by the city for the intersection of Harmony Grove Rd, Grove St, and Mason St, at the Moose Family Lodge. The Association will be notified of the painting schedule, when available.

March 19 Update:

4-way stop signs have been installed at the intersection of Oakland & Balcomb streets. Councilor Prevey is interested in getting resident feedback about the signs.

The blind intersection at the corner of Grove and Mason Street was discussed. Brush will be removed to make it easier to see oncoming traffic at the stop sign.

March 4 Update:

Police approved a 4-way stop at the intersection of Oakland & Balcomb for a 60-day trial period. An installation ETA from public services is not currently available, but this will give the neighbors and the police the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of a 4-way stop at the intersection.

Feb 19 Update:

Oakland Street No Trucks signs have been placed facing the wrong direction. Changing the sign positioning will be researched.

A pedestrian crossing will be installed near the instersection of Harmony Grove Road and Grove Street, near the Salem Moose Family Center at 50 Grove Street, when the weather is better.

Speeding is a problem on Mason Street, and police will be alerted to begin flagging speeders.

Oakland Street parking problems – A sign will be posted to reinforce that parking must be at least 20 feet from an intersection, and four feet from the curb.

Feb 9 Update:

Ward 6 Councilor Paul Prevey called Dick Rennard, director of Public Services regarding putting in a newly painted crosswalk at the Moose.  He will have it added to the list of crosswalks needing to be done when good weather returns and they are able to do that type of work.

There are new “no truck” signs at both ends of Oakland Street now. Ward 6 Councilor Paul Prevey is still working on trying to convince the police department to see about switching the stops signs at Balcomb & Oakland Streets, due to traffic being heavier going up and down Oakland as opposed to the signs being on the Balcomb side where traffic is much lighter.

4-Way stop signs have been requested at the intersection of Oakland and Balcomb Streets.

The No-Trucks sign at this intersection was removed, and its replacement was requested.

A pedestrian light is needed at at the intersection of Boston and Bridge Streets, and this possibility has been discussed with the Mayor.

A pedestrian crosswalk has been requested at the corner of Harmony Grove Road and Grove Street, near the Salem Moose Family Center at 50 Grove Street.