Moose Family Center Island Caretaking

October Update
The curbs have been painted.

July 14 Update:

The curbs bordering the island will be painted white in the next few weeks, to increase the island’s visibility to motorists.

June 6 Update:

Harkins Square Island, before planting.

Harkins Square Island, before planting.

The island has been cleaned up, and Rich Brennan has donated 4 yards of loam, which were spread around by the inmates. We are working with another member of the association who may be able to help us in the landscape design of the island. We also have another member who donated $75.00 to have the sign printed for the island.

We will be looking for members who will be splitting their perennials and would like to donate them to the island. Please contact Rose Mary at or call her at 978-745-3281

May 19 Update:

The island has been cleared of debris and the soil turned by the inmates, as part of the Mack Park cleanup. The Association is accepting donations to cover the City’s $75 fee for the sign to be placed on the island. Thank you to all who’ve made donations of materials or funds for the sign. If you’d like to participate in planting the island, please contact the Association, so we can coordinate.

May 7 Update:

We will have to pay $75.00 to the City of Salem for a sign to be placed on the island which will read Mack Park Neighborhood Association and contributions will be needed for plants,fertilizer mulch etc. We will need some help in order to get the island ready for planting. Please contact if you are interested in volunteering your time or supplies.

Tina Cook will be accepting monetary contributions if you would like to contribute contact her at

Original Post:

Rose Mary O’Connor has been in contact with Ellen Talkowsky  in regards to the island in front of the Moose (Harkins Square, named after Marshall Harkins)  It seems the business that sponsored it is no longer doing so, and the island is overgrown. The Mack Park Neighborhood Association will be its new caretakers.


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