Care Package for Joseph Levesque Jr.

December 17 Update
Joe Levesque is in town for Christmas.

The Lavesque home, decorated for the holidays.

The Lavesque home, decorated for the holidays.

November 21 Update
Joe Levesque is back on American soil, having arrived in South Carolina last week. He plans to visit with his family and hopes to join us at one of our upcoming Association meetings to meet everyone and say thank you.

September 10 Update
Over 30 boxes have been sent to Afghanistan for Joe and his platoon. We have a great neighborhood. Thanks to everyone who donated articles.

August 6
The Levesques, a long-residing North Salem family (well known with members employed in the DPW, Harbor and Police Departments), are putting together a care package for their son, Joe Jr., and his platoon, currently serving in Afghanistan. When asked what they needed, Joe and the platoon put together a list (see below).

If you’d like to contribute, donations are welcome. Items can be dropped off at the home of Rose Mary O’Connor (111 Mason Street), or you can contact her ( or 978-745-3281) to make other arrangements.

Baby wipes
Antibacterial hand wash
Shaving cream
Foot powder
Baby powder
Boot socks, white
Prepackaged snacks
Protein bars
Bug spray (w/DEET)
Cereal packets
Flea collars
Breath mints
Chap Stick
Batteries (AA, AAA)
Homemade gifts
Board games
Playing cards
Nerf balls
Fabric softener sheets
Air freshners
Phone cards
Winter hats
Freeze-dried meals
Crystal Light
Hand soap
Beef jerky
Sunflower seeds
Hard candy
Dry soup
Face cleanser
Nasal spray
Eye drops
Tylenol, Advil etc
Gel insoles
Cotton swabs
Cough drops
Ramen noodles

1 thought on “Care Package for Joseph Levesque Jr.

  1. The Levesque Family

    The family of LCPL Joseph Levesque Jr would like to take this opportunity to thank the Association for their thoughtfulness. I can’t even begin to tell you what this means not only to us but to Joe’s unit.

    Dottie & Joe Levesque SR


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