Grove Street Water Run Off

Grove Street icing beside the Moose Family Center.

Grove Street icing is making driving dangerous, beside the Moose Family Center.

January 13 Update
Work at the 55 Grove Street site has been completed, and the water runoff and resulting winter icing problem on Grove Street has been resolved. Other work on the property, to address other issues will be ongoing.

December 14 Update
Grove Street’s ongoing water runoff problem was discussed on Dec 11 in a group meeting of the Mayor’s Office, Building Inspector and City Engineer.

Earlier this year, the City stipulated the work necessary to correct the problem would be completed by the property owner, by September 12. Given the owner’s lack of compliance, the City is soon to pursue court action, levy fines, and address zoning violations.

The accompanying photos were taken on Dec 11th, and show the hazardous driving conditions caused by the freezing runoff. The icing problem will worsen as winter continues, creating a larger public safety problem the City will need to address.

Work to fix the runoff problem was to be finished by September 12.

Work to fix the runoff problem was to be finished by September 12.

October 19 Update
Ongoing repair work at 55 Grove Street, undertaken to address the long-standing water runoff problem, is approximately 70% complete.

September 10 Update
Additional 55 Grove Street drain work is in progress, after previous measures were found inadequate.

July 7 Update
A curtain drain is currently being installed to alleviate the runoff problem. After installation, its effectiveness will be evaluated. Additional measures will be suggested if the current installation does not solve the problem.

May 7 Update
A $150 citation was issued to the property owner. This will continue, weekly until the drainage problem is resolved. The City Engineer is still waiting for an implementation plan to remediate the problem.

March 19 Update
The owner has been asked to extend the berm to control the water from coming out onto Grove Street. Legal action will be taken if necessary.

Feb 9 Update
The city engineer, David Knowlton met with the owner, Robert Donovan and his  engineer at Dave’s office last week.  It was decided that Donovon will have to build a berm with gravel around it to contain the water and keep it from heading out into Grove St.  Dave said that he’s satisfied that the plan he submitted will do the trick.  Donovan told him that he will need 2 consecutive days of dry weather to have this put in.  Dave will be following up tomorrow with a letter memorializing the results of the meeting and will send Ward 6 Councilor Paul Prevey a copy.

Feb 19 Update
The owner has hired an engineer who evaluated the problem.  A burm and catch basin will be installed to prevent the water flowing out to Grove street.  He needs a few dry days to put in the burs, and afterward the city will monitor whether this has corrected the problem.  If not, additional action may be required.

Water is running across 55 Grove Street, creating an icing problem in the winter.


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