Unregistered Cars on 8 Irving Street

February 19 Update
The property owner has paid the related city fines, within the two-month window stipulated by the court. Payment of fines was the final item needing to be addressed, in the eyes of the court, in considering the Irving Street matter “concluded”.

December 4 Update
During the December 2nd court date, it was reported that all unregistered vehicles have been removed from the property. The court has stipulated that the owner must pay $700 in related city fines within two months. The court has also stipulated that the property owner is barred from bringing any unregistered, uninsured vehicles into the city. Should this order be ignored, the owner will be summoned back to court to resume the ongoing case, without the city having to initiate new legal proceedings.

November 20 Update
The Irving Street case has been continued to Dec 2nd for another status update.

All unregistered cars have been removed, and two street-parked registered cars bearing rejection stickers must be removed or bear valid inspection stickers by December 2. Additionally, the property is to be free of all tires, and a trailer located on the property must be cleaned out, and all debris removed.

Should these conditions not be met by the December 2 court date, then a date for trial will be set.

November 12 Update
On November 12, it was determined that while some cars were removed, some remain. The case has been continued until November 19th for another status update. If the property has not been cleared of all unregistered, uninsured vehicles, the owner will be charged $150.00 a day until these vehicles are removed.

November 6 Update
The case has been continued to November 12 for a status update.

October 13 Update
The owner defaulted by not appearing for the scheduled court appearance. The appropriate legal documents are being prepared which will allow the City to remove the vehicles. Costs associated with the removal will become the responsibility of the owner.

September 10 Update
The case was continued to September 9th for pretrial and for the owner to present a plan for removal of the cars. At the pretrial, it was decided that the cars are to be removed by October 1st, which is the next date for the owner’s court appearance.

August 8 Update
A court date has been assigned for August 24th for arraignment of the owner, at Salem District Court at 9:00 AM.

July 6 Update
The owner was issued a summons, but did not appear nor respond. The issue is being escalated legally.

May 7 Update
A warning notice was issued to the property owner. Since that time, no response was received by the City and two citations have been issued in the amount of $350 each. The property owner has 21 days in which to pay or appeal the tickets. Once that time has expired, the City will file a complaint with District Court.

April 14 Update
The city has written the owner, requesting the property be cleared, or fines would be imposed.

Unregistered vehicles are located at 8 Irving Street. Neighbors are considering signing a petition to request their removal.


2 thoughts on “Unregistered Cars on 8 Irving Street

  1. CB

    As a neighbor to this disaster, I would hope that something can finally be done about this mess. I have to look directly at this junk everyday. Who is this guy? Why was it 2 years ago he had plenty of $$ to fix the roof on a garage that is falling down but he doesn’t have $$ to remove cars that have not been driven in years?

  2. Christine Derby

    I also see this property from ym back porch. I am please with the progress being made and am hopeful that cars will not return. I have appeared at the District court on two occasions to make myself seen and heard. This gentleman is just misguided I believe. HOWEVER, do not mistake my compassion for this old soul as weakness. I firmly believe that it needs tobe cleaned and my plan is to stay informed! I also recommend anyone that is effected by this property allow there voices to be heard! One person can be heard but the more that are heard seems to help much more. Letters can be passed along to be heard if you could not appear to be heard….


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