Speed Radar Sign Installation at Flint & Mason Street Intersection

A radar speed sign is being installed at the intersection of Flint & Mason Streets, to help curb speeding in the area.

Radar Speed Sign at Liberty Hill Avenue

A radar speed sign, like this one on Liberty Hill Avenue, is to be installed at the intersection of Flint and Mason Streets.

View of the intersection of Mason and Flint Streets.

View of the intersection of Mason and Flint Streets.

The light's base, currently installed at the intersection.

The light's base, currently installed at the intersection.


10 thoughts on “Speed Radar Sign Installation at Flint & Mason Street Intersection

  1. tony

    While this is not directly related to the radar speed sign, it is directly related to that intersection. I shot a 5 minute video of that intersection during the pm rush hour and was amazed at the volume of traffic. I can’t wait to see what it looks like after they throw in 100+ apartment units down Flint at the old Salem Suede factory.
    What are they calling it? River view Place?

    Does anyone know if any traffic studies have been done in regards to this project? 100+ units means 200 or so car trips per day in/out of that site. I really don’t think that neighborhood can handle it.

    Here is a link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H71MkO-KzQ

    1. Lisa Joubert Post author

      Hi Tony,

      Yes, that intersection is problematic, and your video well documents the traffic volume. Yes, I believe the proposed project name is Riverview Place.

      Additional upcoming factors that may also cause an increase in its traffic volume are the build and completion of the 1000+ space MBTA parking garage, traffic lane reductions and changes Peabody is considering as part of its joint effort with Salem to plan and develop the Boston St – Main St corridor, as well as completion of the new courthouse.

      That said, I do have traffic study and related documents relative to the Salem Suede development, as well as the URL for the Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s blog for the Salem/Peabody Boston Street- Main Street Development planning project.

      As moderator of the Mack Park blog website I have access to the email address you included with you comment, which isn’t posted publicly on our site. Would it be okay if I sent these documents to that email address from my own email account?

      Best Regards,
      Lisa Joubert
      MPNA Secretary

    1. Lisa Joubert Post author

      Sorry for the delayed response – we wanted to solicit opinions from neighbors living close to the intersection, to answer your question. So far, the neighbors we asked haven’t seen a difference.

      1. tony

        I walk through that intersection most everyday. Haven’t noticed any difference in the speed of people going in either direction. Those that drive at a reasonable speed still do, those that don’t, well they don’t. Not too mention next to no one stops for pedestrians. Whether they be on the curb waiting to cross or in the roadway.

      2. Bill Bushong

        That is too bad. I live towards the beginning of Mason st. (The side that connects to North, close to National Lumber), and didn’t expect any changes in speed this far down. Of course, I haven’t seen any, but wondered if there were any closer to the sign. Sorry to hear. Be safe!

  2. Amber Woolfenden

    I live on Flint St between Mason and Bridge Streets. I have not noticed a difference in speed with the new radar sign. Everyday I come home around 4:30pm to a nightmare! Many days I am yelled at or honked at while trying to get to my house. I do not understand why there is parking allowed on my street or even better why it is not one way. I love my home, hate my street.

    1. tony

      I think the first thing that should be addressed/studied is making it a one way. If it was a one way I think parking could still be allowed on one side. Now the question is, which way? I would favor Mason to Bridge. Trying to turn left or right to Mason from Flint is difficult as you have zero visibility of oncoming traffic so maybe having it go Bridge to Mason would not be good.

      As for the electronic speed sign, give it a few more weeks and people will become accustomed to and ignore it just as they would a standard sign. IMHO, a true waste of our tax dollars. A sign that will be ignored by ignorant drivers just like any other road sign. Not too mention 2-3-4 months from now when it gets knocked over or vandalized, where does the money come from to fix it? Sorry to be such a curmudgeon, but just trying to be realistic.

  3. Amber Woolfenden

    I feel the one way should be from Bridge to Mason and there should be a traffic light at Mason and Flint. Oak Street (behind Flint) could be the route people take to get to Bridge street from Mason. I completely agree with you on the waste of our tax dollars for the speed radar sign that will be ignored.


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