About the MPNA

The Neighborhood

The Mack Park neighborhood is part of Ward 6, situated in Salem, Massachusetts.

Our mission

To enhance the quality of our neighborhood through community involvement.

How does the Association benefit our neighborhood?

1.  It helps residents work for the preservation and improvement of the neighborhood and community at large.

2. Associations empower the neighborhood to control what happens in the area.

3. Associations allow residents to participate in the decision making that directs the future of their neighborhood.

4. Planned social activities for the neighborhood promote neighborly attitudes and support.

5. The neighborhood will have an effective communication link with government officials and other influential groups.

6. An association is a forum for residents to address issues such as weeds, trash, graffiti, traffic problems, crime, social needs, infrastructure and beautification projects.

7. An association is the best way to communicate with the greatest number of people.

8. An Association is a way to involve citizens in the decisions at the front end, rather than late in the process after the decisions have been made.

9. An association helps to preserve the integrity of ones neighborhood and promote community.

10. By being the watchdog of one’s neighborhood, residents can learn that one does not have to “Fight City Hall”, but rather work with it to improve and maintain the quality of life in our community.

Association Meetings

The Association meets on the second Tuesday of every month, starting at 6:30pm.

Meetings are held at:


The Loyal Order of the Moose Family Center Lodge #218
50 Grove Street
Salem, Massachusetts 01970.


Alterations to the schedule or location will be posted here, on the Mack Park Neighborhood Association blog.