Help Us Improve Our Meetings!

It’s important to us to have meetings that are of value, that you are able to attend, and most importantly, that you WANT to attend.

This poll let’s you pick multiple choices. Please check as many of the options below that reflect your opinions about our meetings.

There’s also a place for you to add your own opinion. If your comments won’t fit, use “Leave a Reply” underneath the poll box, toward the bottom of the page.

Thank you for your help!




3 thoughts on “Help Us Improve Our Meetings!

  1. Bekah Murphy

    I moved to Symonds St. in late April and would love to get more involved in neighborhood meetings and events. However, I commute to Boston for work and don’t get back to Salem until around 7 most weekdays. The current schedule makes it impossible for me to attend. Maybe rotate the meetings? Have some on weekdays and some on weekends to accommodate more people?

    1. Lisa Joubert Post author

      Thanks for the great feedback! I had a similar problem when I commuted to Boston, and found the schedule challenging — people do arrive late, and there’s typically enough food on the refreshments table for a light post-commute dinner. That said, we’re getting many scheduling suggestions, and I expect changes will be considered after the poll is complete. We’ll post any meeting changes here on our website, and also through our email list. Thanks again for your insights.

  2. Stacy Kilb

    Hi. We have lived in the neighborhood for over three years, and unfortunately, have yet to attend a meeting. Generally Tuesdays are gym nights for us and life just seems to get in the way. I second the idea of rotating so that some meetings are later in the evenings on a weekday, and some are on weekends. It has seemed hit or miss with speaker topics – some meetings I would have liked to attend and have heard the speaker, others were not so relevant for my husband and I, who are in our early 30’s. I can’t speak for the food there, but it would not be my main reason for coming 🙂 I am gluten free and tend to eat healthy anyway so I normally make sure to eat before events like this as I cannot be guaranteed there will be something I can eat there. One way to get people involved may be to make it a pot luck, and at least during the summer, encourage folks to bring dishes with vegetables from their gardens or the farmers’ market. Hopefully I will see you at a meeting in the future!


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